Creating a Model

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In order to create your first 3D REX model, login on the REX portal. If you have not yet
a model, you should select "New project" and Enter a project name.

This will start the model wizard with two steps.

Step 1

Specify a name for the model.

Step 2

Uploading your file.

The drop box should now be used to drop your exported 3D geometry file(s). This can either be an .OBJ or and .DAE file without any texture file, or a .ZIP file which contains the 3D geometry information including all your texture image files. Once being done, the REX model is successfully created and the geometry is being processed in the background.

Check your conversion job

It may take a couple of seconds to convert your geometry. Once being finished you should see it in your account.

At anytime, you can upload/change the model geometry by clicking the upload button.