Creating & Sharing your first Project

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After you have successfully registered and logged into the REX system, you will be redirected to the REXCreate web app. This app allows you to manage your projects and data. Initially your project list will be empty.

A REX project is the top level data container. A project can be compared with a directory on a computer which contains related content. In a similar way, the organization of data is also flat within a project container.

Projects can be shared among REX users, but you also have the possibility to make a project public. If a project is set to public, anybody can access your data!

Sharing also requires to have a proper license. Please make sure to purchase the proper license for sharing capabilities.

Create a new project

The first action you can perform is to create a new project by pressing Add first project.

This creates a new empty project. The new project is listed under projects and is initially not shared with anybody.

By clicking on the project, you will get the project’s content page.

You can now start by uploading content. There are two different content types: file or geometry. The geometry file contains 3D geometry information which accepts the following file types:

  • .rex: REX geometry file
  • .dae: COLLADA file (without texture information)
  • .obj: WAVEFRONT file (without material and texture)
  • .zip: contains either .dae or .obj with additional material and texture information

Once the file is selected, REX will convert and optimize the 3D geometry content.

You can also upload any other content, for instance, images, documents, audios. Here is a white list of supported mime types:

  • MimeType.IMAGE_JPEG
  • MimeType.IMAGE_PNG
  • MimeType.TEXT_PLAIN
  • MimeType.AUDIO_AAC
  • MimeType.AUDIO_AACP
  • MimeType.AUDIO_FLAC
  • MimeType.AUDIO_MP4
  • MimeType.AUDIO_MPEG
  • MimeType.AUDIO_OGG
  • MimeType.AUDIO_WAV
  • MimeType.AUDIO_WEBM
  • MimeType.VIDEO_MP4
  • MimeType.VIDEO_OGG
  • MimeType.VIDEO_WEBM

Here is the view of a project which contain information. Please notice the QR icon on
the top right corner. If you click on this icon the REXtag for this project is shown.

Open up your REXview app and scan the code. This immediately shows the 3D geometry content. If you upload multiple geometry files, you will have a drop down list in the app in order to switch between different layers.

Here is an example of a REX tag. Try now and scan it with your REXview app.

Sharing a project

In order to share your projects, you need to have one of the following REXcad licenses:

  • REX Basic you are able to share projects with other REX users
  • REX Enterprise you are able to share projects with other REX users and share projects publicly

You can easily upgrade the license from withing REX by clicking on the shopping cart.

After upgrading license, you can start sharing your projects by hovering
over project in the table and click on pencil icon.

If other users have shared their projects with you, you will see them in the according project filter (read shared, write shared). If you want to get rid of a shared project, you can easily “unshare” the project using the hide operation.