SketchUp Plugin – REX for SketchUp

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Please visit the SketchUp extension warehouse page for installing the latest version of the REX for SketchUp.

Using the extension

The plugin has the following three main buttons in the toolbar.

Sync Model

After you have finished your model, you can easily upload the model by pressing the sync button. This creates a new REX project, converts the data, and uploads the geometry information. The sync button requires a user login. Please use your REX user account in order to upload the data.If you do not yet have an account, register here.

Once the sync is finished, you will a dialogue.

Settings Button

In the settings you can activate double sided export (useful if your model does not show some planes). You also can logout from your account.

Help Button

For any more help visit our help page.

Important Notes

  • The plugin will create a new project with the name of you SketchUp project.
  • If the project already exists the plugin will override the current model of the project.
  • Only one file per project is supported.